retro-gtk is a toolkit for GTK+-based Libretro frontends. It is mainly used by GNOME Games to play retro games via Libretro gaming console emulators.

Currenly retro-gtk supports only software rendering. There are two ways hardware rendering can be used in retro-gtk:

  • to draw the framebuffer outputted by the Libretro core faster (using OpenGL instead of Cairo) and to apply shaders to it, like CRT shaders,
  • to allow the Libretro core to render its video output with hardware acceleration, some cores require it making retro-gtk unable to run them.

The goal of this Hack Week project is to make retro-gtk use hardware rendering as much as possible.

Looking for mad skills in:

opengl shaders gtk3 gtkglarea

This project is part of:

Hack Week 16


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