Our company org chart consists mostly of teams + their project managers. teams.suse.com is an application that gives an overview about the various SUSE team resources like org-chart, office locations, mission descriptions, links to team pages/blogs etc. It should combine the various data sources that are already there (eguide, floor, externaltools etc.) and provide a way to enrich this data.

Goals for this hackweek are:

  • Responsive layout
  • Team data can get changed
  • Users can change their job title
  • onboarding.suse.com replaced

See the site in action: https://geekos.prv.suse.net

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Looking for hackers with the skills:

ldap web design vuejs javascript frontend floor

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15 Hack Week 16 Hack Week 17


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  • kalabiyau
    about 4 years ago by kalabiyau | Reply

    @henne, we have working base for you in RoR - look at https://github.com/SUSE/HiGecko/tree/master/app/models

    that is using floor which already uses LDAP, so half is already done, but there is some problems with data availability. I have a story to tell about it.

    Result is at http://onboarding.suse.com/

  • hennevogel
    about 4 years ago by hennevogel | Reply

    @kalabiyau don't know if I'm going to work on this so I guess it's better to tell your story in here so everybody knows :-)

  • kalabiyau
    about 4 years ago by kalabiyau | Reply

    @henne, I cannot write that story here because it is a secret :) Anyone who would like to work on that could just stop by and I will gladly tell that story f2f.

  • dleidi
    over 2 years ago by dleidi | Reply

    Hi guys. I've found this project very cool so far. Thank you for this add-emoji

    I have a proposal for a feature improvement. I added an issue in the project here. Let me know what do you think about it, and if you're interested in implementing it or not. Thank you.

  • lproven
    over 2 years ago by lproven | Reply

    How about just ensuring that Geekos can find everyone who is in Floor and show any info in Floor that isn't in Geekos? https://floor.nue.suse.com/

  • pagarcia
    over 1 year ago by pagarcia | Reply

    What's the license? This is a very useful piece of software. Opening it to the community and getting e. g. Active Directory integration could make it very popular.

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