This project is about fixing this known Jangouts issue that is reported over and over, since many user experiencing problem with the outgoing WebRTC traffic or with camera authorization can "lurk" what happens in the room without being noticed.

Copy&Paste from the last comment there: It's true there is a lot of room for improvements to raise the awareness about "lurkers". For example, we could compare the number of people subscribed to your stream and the number of publishers. If numbers do not match, there is somebody listening but not being displayed. That's something we could show in the UI.

As usual, I will happily welcome contributions. More and more teams are adopting Jangouts, so I would like to see more and more people helping with maintainership and improvements.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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  • ancorgs
    almost 4 years ago by ancorgs | Reply

    We are discussing the possibilities with the Janus developers here

  • ancorgs
    almost 4 years ago by ancorgs | Reply

    Now as a real link

  • ancorgs
    almost 4 years ago by ancorgs | Reply

    As proved by the above link, this is not as easy as expected. It implies implementing some kind of authentication (at least enforcing that everybody that connects to a room to know a shared secret) or implementing a new mode in the videoroom Janus plugin.

    None of the solutions are 100% satisfactory to our use-case. So I will let this rest a bit.

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