File Database

an invention by hrommel1

When using files that should be in an accessible file system, quite often I have been in a situation where

  • I couldn't find a docume...
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Goodbye Dister

an invention by cschum

SUSE Studio was shut down earlier this year. It has been online for more than ten years and there are tons of links and references out th...

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icewm: Allow switching and reordering taskbar buttons with keyboard

a project by jbohac

Since commit 556b535 windows can be switched in taskbar order using the mouse wheel. They taskbar buttons can also be rearranged with dr...

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a project by dmulder

Learn tinycc (tcc). Fix bugs, write features, etc. Hack on tcc.

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Improve performance of JRuby's hash implementation

an invention by cbruckmayer


JRuby is an implementation of Ruby on the JVM. It aims to be a complete, correct and fast i...

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