Effort planning in large-scale agile projects with multiple stakeholders

The analysis and selection of requirements are important parts of any release planning process. Most practices focuse on release planning based on plan-driven optimization models. Nevertheless, solving the release planning problem mechanistically is difficult in an agile development context with multiple stakeholders.

Objective We study how a release planning method could enriched and modified to achieve improvements existing practice allowing more transparent effort effort estimation.


  • okurz
    over 2 years ago by okurz | Reply

    IMHO this is already working really nicely in SUSE SLE focussing so much on "features". For these features we track multiple stakeholders already. I do not really see SLE executing "plan-driven development" so maybe you are done already? ;) Of course, effort estimation and expectation management for individual features can still be improved. I would be very interested to talk with you about this hackweek project.

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