Practice Perl through implementing -- Message Board

an invention by jbaier_cz

I want to improve myself in Perl & Mojolicious and I want to have a nice open-source self-hosted message board / forum written in Perl. Let's combined it into one ultimate goal. I would like to have:

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Explore & Deploy new podcast platform

an invention by tonghuix



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Emulate MEN FPGAs in Qemu

an invention by morbidrsa

For testing some of the upstream Linux drivers we maintain it is necessary to emulate the hardware as we're getting bug reports for the upstream drivers but have no chance to test fixes. Once the upstream drivers can be emulated we could focus on emulating hardware where only downstream drivers do exist and then write new drivers to be upstreamed.

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Container Image for PXE/HTTPBoot Server

an invention by gary_lin

Every time we went to UEFI Plugfest, one of the frequently asked questions is how to setup a PXE/HTTPBoot server. Besides, we also have to setup and test the server before the event. Although we already have the document(*), it may be easier to deploy with a container image. My goal is to learn how to package a container image in SLE/openSUSE and create a flexible image for the fast deployment of PXE/HTTPBoot server.

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ReMiTo - An RMT web interface powered by VueJS and Quasar

an invention by thutterer

I want to dive deeper into React using its Material-UI components to prototype a web interface for SUSE's new Repository Mirroring Tool (RMT). Updates:

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Transactional Desktop

an invention by fcrozat

Leap 15 and TW supports Transactional Server system role but some additional work is needed to have a transactional desktop system role. The purpose of this hackweek is to document what need to be fixed and try to fix it.

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tftp boot installer and PXE server container image

an invention by kukuk

We provide tftp server and RPMs containing the installer to run from tftp. Disadvantage is, that the user needs to setup a tftp boot system first. Why not putting everything in a container, so that the admin only need to run the container and can then choose on the to be installed machine, what he wants install? And following this, put the container in a kubernetes cluster like SUSE CaaS Platform.

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Teach SUMA to sign repository metadata

an invention by mcalmer

Signing metadata requires a lot of manual interaction and knowledge of the customer. This was the reason why we never implemented it for SUMA as the benefit was very low. Now with the change in the zypp stack to not allow installing unsigned RPMs without user interaction or completly disabling GPG checks the benefit of such a feature increased.

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DIY smart thermostat with ESP8266

an invention by scabrero

Build a smart thermostat using an Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 board, a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and a 2.4 TFT touch panel. The requirements are:

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Create a DRM driver for Matrox G200

an invention by tdz

Even after 20 years, the Matrox G200 series is still an excellent 2d graphics card. Unfortunately, there's only an fbdev driver and a user-space driver. Both are obsolete, as modern Linux uses the DRM framework for managing graphics cards. There already is a DRM driver for the G200 server series. This driver is under-maintained and doesn't work with desktop chips. I intend to work on a DRM driver for the G200 during the hackweek. Let's see how far one can get within a few days. :)

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