Swift + Monasca: Sending all the Swift metrics Monasca's way

an invention by mattoliverau

Monasca is a powerful tool in the OpenStack arsenal. It brings metrics and alarms to the operator. It even pairs grafana with horizon. It currently monitors Swift, but just the processes. But there is so much more we can grab. Swift actually generates heaps of metrics. For one It has supported sending metrics via statsd for years. All the internal daemons send statsd. Further, built into each server is a reconnaissance API (recon), that you can hit over REST or by using the swift-recon tool. Swift operators have been using these for years.

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Test unofficial SLES LX images on SmartOS

an invention by michalnowak

SmartOS is converged container and virtual machine hypervisor based on illumos, an OpenSolaris fork. SmartOS supports KVM & bhyve hypervisors and illumos, LX, & Docker zones ("containers"). There are LX-branded openSUSE & SLES images unofficial. LX-brand is implementation of Linux API on SmartOS (similar to Microsoft's Windows subsystem for Linux).

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Setup matrix internal instance, with IRC bridge to internal IRC server

an invention by fcrozat

Matrix (https://matrix.org/blog/home/ ) is a slack / rocket-chat clone, fully decentralized. It supports a lot of clients and bridges to various networks, including IRC.

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Test FreeBSD Linux Binary Compatibility layer

an invention by michalnowak

Let's see how correctly the FreeBSD emulation layer works.

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File Database

an invention by hrommel1

When using files that should be in an accessible file system, quite often I have been in a situation where * I couldn't find a document by name but remembered attributes like 'document' (unclear which format) with '> 12 pages' and dates from '2011 - 2015'

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Goodbye Dister

an invention by cschum

SUSE Studio was shut down earlier this year. It has been online for more than ten years and there are tons of links and references out there. To not make them lead into the wasteland of 404 we should have a landing page on https://susestudio.com which leads to what users can use instead of SUSE Studio. I did a mockup of a page which could be hosted there. See it at https://github.com/cornelius/goodbye-dister.

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Improve performance of JRuby's hash implementation

an invention by cbruckmayer


JRuby is an implementation of Ruby on the JVM. It aims to be a complete, correct and fast implementation of Ruby, at the same time as providing powerful new features such as concurrency without a global-interpreter-lock, true parallelism, and tight integration to the Java language to allow you to use Java classes in your Ruby program and to allow JRuby to be embedded into a Java application.

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