We often struggle to get feedback from our people, in particular if it's supposed to be anonymous. There are external systems on the Internet which are typically commercial, where (free) usage is limited and situation with GDPR isn't clear.

I want us to investigate and find (or found!) an Open Source project that allows to easily collect (internal) surveys.

Must be

  • secure, safe, stable, anonymous (add more buzz here)
  • easy survey setup, templating
  • structured data export (at least raw, and not necessarily processed data)
  • looks and feels cool

Looking for mad skills in:

survey anonymous tool

This project is part of:

Hack Week 17


  • rsimai
    11 months ago by rsimai | Reply

    I've set up a service on If someone is interested to play with it, please let me know.

  • rsimai
    11 months ago by rsimai | Reply

    For those who are interested, I used LimeSurvey to collect feedback about Hackweek. Results are here: https://w3.suse.de/~rsimai/hackweek/limesurvey/hackweek17LimeSurvey.pdf

    I however discovered a few weaknesses while I was using 2.7 (and not 3.0 latest and greatest). I guess I'll have to redo this some time. The data export e.g. for the "Sorting" question type is weird (to say the least) and even though it automatically creates charts for rating questions, it's not too flexible to customize these. I ended up using LibreOffice with the data export...

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