• Connect multiple Salt minions (including Raspberry Pi's) to a master and coordinate actions between them.
  • Each minion will have a role in a connected multimedia system.

Salt Master


  • Gets song requests from Dancer minion
    • Instructs Groovy minion to play songs according to Dancer requests.
    • Sends back to Dancer info about 'now playing' and lighting status.
  • Gets 'now playing' info from Groovy
    • Maps music genres to lighting profiles.
    • Activates the right profile in LightnMagic minion according to the current song genre.



  • Uses Raspberry Pi 3
  • Connects to song library shared on local network.
    • Monitor song library for changes.
  • Plays music
    • Report current song metadata via beacon.
    • Metadata can include popularity (play count).


  • Uses Raspberry Pi 3
  • Integrates with Phillips HUE lights
    • Control HUE lights.
    • Store profiles with combinations of lights and colors.
    • Report light status.


  • Uses Laptop with OpenSUSE
  • Requests songs
  • Dashboard
    • Shows now playing.
    • Shows light status.

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