Port guix to ppc64le

a project by jbrielmaier

GNU Guix is a functional package manager that is also available on openSUSE Leap 15 and Tumbleweed....

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Chaos Engineering

a project by dmaiocchi

During the hackweek i want also to learn more about this topic.


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contribute and improve salt-toaster (https://github.com/openSUSE/salt-toaster)

a project by dmaiocchi

i want to spend some day of my hackweek to improve salt-toaster https://github.com/openSUSE/salt-toaster

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Run Openstack Helm in OpenSUSE

a project by aojeagarcia

The openstack-helm project run Openstack in a Kubernetes cluster using helm charts.


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[IDEA] Use Mozilla's DeepSpeech to automate minute take for meetings

a project by aplanas

Mozilla's DeepSpeech project[1] is using TensorFlow and some paper from Baidu to make an open source speech to text system, based on deep...

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Play Gnuk token (FST-01G)

a project by whdu

I just got the FST-01G device from my friend, which could work as the Gnuk token. I'm going to try to make it work for ssh authentication.

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logorator: an offline internal analytics tool

a project by dleidi

There are customer use cases where sharing information via internet or uploading data somewhere is not acceptable for security reasons: t...

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User assisted udev rules

an idea by sbrabec

udev is a perfect tool for applying hardware based rules. But there are some devices that are indistinguishable by its identification and...

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translation update service for OBS

a project by sbrabec

Translations get more and more important in packages live.

Currently, translation-update-upstream is the only tool capable to update p...

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kubeojo: Health metrics for products and testsuites

a project by dmaiocchi

kubeojo in 10 seconds-click-me to visualize-demo-link



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