Ruler thumb Become a CAD expert

a project by vuntz

A few months ago, I started thinking "it cannot be that hard to model my house using some CAD software". And of course I miserably failed...

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Wrench thumb Deep learning/ AI topics (Continuation from HW 16)

a project by arun_kant

Planning to do some deep learning course sessions e.g. fastai , google ML crash course etc. Also try to understand common tools (tensorfl...

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Hand plane thumb Do something about btrfs and raid56

a project by dsterba

Somebody do something!


  • implement 3-copy and 4-copy variant of the current RAID1 profile (that does 2 copies)
  • ...
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Hammer thumb youdid: Time based Github project dashboard

an idea by njones

Get an overview of your activity on a particular Github project.


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Chisel thumb AWS, Azure and VPNs

an idea by richardcox

  • Some public access points refuse VPN connections when using providers such as NordVPN
  • I'd like to experiment with setting up OpenVPN...
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Drill thumb Kubic on OpenStack

an idea by pgonin

I am going to give a try to Kubic on OpenStack My goal is to see how far I can get in building a Kubernetes cluster using OpenStack Kubi...

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Pliers thumb Create custom openSUSE image for magnum

a project by slunkad

This involves customizing a tumbleweed image to configure cloud-init and adding other elements like docker, kubernetes, etcd, flannel whi...

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Chisel thumb SAPHanaSR* to drive SAP HANA with Dynamic Tiering

a project by fmherschel


Currently the SAPHanaSR* resource agents are not able to run SAP HANA with external dynamic tiering hosts. The root ca...

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Pliers thumb Print 3D tools to fix a broken disk

a project by Pastafly

I have a broken disk - it has a broken head and I have a replacement disk with the head I want to transplant.

I already tried head tra...

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Opensuse logo openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018 LINE Bot

an idea by charleswang007007

Build a LINE Bot with Python Flask

[] (

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