Ruler thumb Connect Egkatastasis with Build Service

an idea by pgeorgiadis


In a nutshell

Egkatastasis is an open source system for testing [openSUSE conta...

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Drill thumb remote hackweek or fairway people hacks

a project by dmaiocchi

Can we improve the remote hackweek experience for remote or non NUE people at SUSE?

Feel free to discuss and share ideas.

Idea li...

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Hand file thumb Learn Android development

an idea by mvetter

Over the years I have stumbled upon various Android projects where I needed a feature and wasn't able to implement it because I had no id...

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Screwdriver thumb Health Dashboard to chart Health Time series Data

an idea by irfan_habib

Health Dashboard will allow a user to chart exported Apple Health data to explore correlations.

Frontend will be based on ReactJS Bac...

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Suse vlacky Showcase: SUSE CaaSP

a project by Mzikmund

Hi, We would like to make a new demo showcase similar to our previous LEGO excavators


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Saw thumb KDevelop plugin for showing information inline in the code

a project by michalsrb

I use the KDevelop IDE whenever I can. At SUSE mostly for reading code while debugging some bug. My plan is to create plugin that will sh...

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Hand plane thumb Bug Graph

a project by rpalethorpe

A social network for Bugs and test cases!

Connecting bugs with test cases, products and each other. Making them depressed and easily m...

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Chisel thumb Learn about Flatpak knowledge

a project by mlin7442

Aims to understand Flatpak(previously aka xdg-app), an application sandboxing and distribution framework (formerly xdg-app) on Linux. The...

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Ruler thumb GitLab-OBS-openQA bridge/integration

a project by oholecek

Hackweek 17

Glue script works well enough, but is not ideal. This hackweek I'll integrate glue script or its functionality...

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Wrench thumb Play with ionic framework

a project by mschnitzer

There is a super cool framework for mobile phone apps available: ionic (

ionic allows you to write apps in ...

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