Pliers thumb Get rid of your foreign currencies - support the war on hunger!

a project by mfeilner

The Doc team decided to collect remainders of foreign currencies to donate them to a 3rd world project.

There is *_a box in the Docume...

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Echse mg 1721 Project Maxfeld: Cultural Onboarding to counter unknown unknowns

a project by mfeilner

I promised to start this project way earlier, but I think Hackweek will be a great time to make a start.

The project once was called ...

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Http Controlling and Testing the YaST UI Remotely (for Integration Tests, openQA)

a project by lslezak

Hackweek 17 Update

During Hackweek 17 I did these improvements to the project:

  • Moved the HTTP server handling, now works better...
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Hand file thumb Reactive programming with Python RxPy

a project by SShyukriev

I'm planning to get basics of Reactive Programming and especially the documentation...

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Hand file thumb Learn more Cryptography knowledge and FIPS related standard.

an idea by bchou

Security field is getting more important these years. I plan to learn more about Cryptography related knowledge to improve the FIPS testi...

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Hand plane thumb Improve Ruby

a project by ammartinez

Let's use the Hackweek to improve Ruby, the programming language I use every day. It is while using a language when you can realised that...

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Kw17 L3-CaaS+CAP+NFS

a project by gfigueir

[CaaS] [CAP] Work on a long term solution for L3 team to easily reproduce customer's issues

I had previously cobbled up a "one script ...

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Screwdriver thumb Play with MACCHIATObin

a project by lyan

  1. Boot up MACCHIATObin with a linux kernel
  2. Boot up MACCHIATObin with opensuse
  3. Enable switch function for SFP network
  4. Enable ...
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Hand plane thumb Building SDN with Raspberry Pis and Zodiac FX switch

a project by lyan

Have several raspberry pis at hand, and also bought a Zodiac a while ago, will setup a software define network with ryu. Also will check...

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Screwdriver thumb Virtual GPU display support for Guest VM

a project by lyan

0 Background

This will be a verification test for Intel i915, code has been merged into kernel 4.16 and qemu 2.12, will provide a setu...

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