Pliers thumb Setup a SUMA Server to play with

a project by AngelaBriel

Setup a SUMA Server in a VM on my workstation. Playing around to find out, how it works and how to add new functionality (like sapconf or...

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Saw thumb Learn about DHT protocol and write a client in Go/Ruby

a project by ikapelyukhin

The subject says it. Learning about DHT seems like a fun project.

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Ruler thumb Continue reading "Containerization with LXC" by Konstantin Ivanov and play around with LXC containers

a project by gniebler

I bought and started reading this book a little while back and ...

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Screwdriver thumb Alternative React and Material-UI frontend for SUSE Manager

a project by malbu

Develop a proof of concept frontend based on React and Material-UI as an alternative to the JSP/Struts based ...

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Org.opensuse.imgwriter [unassigned] improve new openSUSE image writer

an idea by lnussel

In order to aid loading openSUSE installation and Live images on USB sticks we have a little GUI program called imagewriter. It's a bit d...

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Pliers thumb Use Terraform+Ansible to provision/deprovision Factorio server

a project by ikapelyukhin

There's sadly not much time to enjoy Factorio with friends, so from economy perspective it makes sense not to have the server running whe...

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Hand plane thumb Path clustering for multipathd

an idea by mwilck

Recent multipath-tools contains a patch series that allows latency-based path prioritization. However the code is clumsy and not well de...

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2388868 Status plugin for Mojolicious

a project by kraih

To make it easier to debug openQA and Cavil i want to build a plugin similar to the [mod_status](

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Hammer thumb Use avahi for mdns queries in hplip

an idea by mwilck

The HPLIP package contains a custom implementation of mDNS queries (actually, 2: one in the core C code and one in python for the adminis...

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Chisel thumb Check out hamster-lib time tracking tool

an idea by mwilck

I'm using [hamster time tracker] for personal time tracking and project accounting, and have volunteered to be the maintainer for openSUS...

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