When you make photos with devices that have a GPS on-board, the coordinates of the take are often included in the pciture meta data. Certain fruity viewers group pictures according to location (eg "Maxfeldstr. 5; 90409 Nürnberg" and date (eg "6. Juli 2018"). I'd like to write a (qt-based) picture viewer which does that.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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  • mwilck
    over 2 years ago by mwilck | Reply

    digikam can at least group by date, not sure about location.

    • dpopov
      over 2 years ago by dpopov | Reply

      Indeed, digiKam does both.

      • jmoellers
        over 2 years ago by jmoellers | Reply

        Can you tell me how? I couldn't find anything.

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