I have cloned the classic Snake game in my spare time recently to learn about dynamic memory allocation and pointer stuff in C++.

Last week we (the trainees) then had a C/C++ training and one topic was network communication with sockets.

I plan to combine my own [code] with the new knowledge and want to implement a multiplayer mode in my "worm" [project].

As I made the game object oriented in most parts it shouldn't be too hard to do so and I guess it won't take the whole week.

If there's time left or if others join me, there are other generic game functionalities that could be played around with, like - (online) highscore, - graphical output with OpenGL, - game controller support - and so on ...

[code]add-emoji//github.com/thutterer/worm [project]add-emoji//download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/thutterer/openSUSE13.1/x8664/worm-0.6-1.1.x86_64.rpm

Looking for mad skills in:


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Hack Week 11


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