The usual baby-phones and phone based surveillance solutions do not fit my needs:

  • We live in townhouse with reinforced concrete walls (the signal from the babyphone is not strong enough)
  • We want to meet with neighbors two or three houses away.

So baby-phone is out of question. I could use a phone based application (most Gigaset have on integrated) which calls a number on a noise activation base. (Tried that. If your child is coughing you are feeling like a phone operator)

Therefore I want to build something like this:

  • Raspberry Pi with Camera and microphone
  • gets activated on movement and / or noise
  • starts the cam and provides secure stream
  • notifies you that there is something happening
  • you can access the stream and look what it is.
  • optional: Turn on the cam from remote
  • optional: Threshold for stream starting (Start the stream only on reoccurring noise or movement)
  • optional: Have a nice app for this ;)

Looking for mad skills in:

raspberrypi python3 stream android

This project is part of:

Hack Week 17


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    • ilausuch
      8 months ago by ilausuch | Reply

      I suggest to use a NoIR Camera. I created a two servos platform to move the camera in two axis. If you need this I can provide you what I did

      • mstrigl
        8 months ago by mstrigl | Reply

        That would be great. I would have gone with something like this:

    • okurz
      8 months ago by okurz | Reply

      At least all your requirements that you stated should be fulfilled by the android app Dormi which I used successfully so far with an older Android Smartphone I installed with lineageos and either wifi-only or a secondary SIM-card with no monthly fee. You can try it with a 4h/month limit for free at least to see how it can look like but the RPi idea sounds nice of course as well. At least for the mobile case I favor a repurposed Android smartphone over RPi as the whole power-connection+wifi+mobile-connection+camera+microphone-integration-challenge is solved easily :)

      • mstrigl
        8 months ago by mstrigl | Reply

        Oh cool. I will have a look at Dormi in the hackweek too. For a mobile use it may worth a try.

        But at home I would love to have something that is mounted stationary. In the requirements I forgot one optional goal: Add multiple baby stations ;-)

        And of course the main reason for all this is learning new things and playing around...

    • thutterer
      8 months ago by thutterer | Reply

      MotionEye does all that already ;)

      • mstrigl
        8 months ago by mstrigl | Reply

        Ah cool. Thanks. Will take a look at this too...

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