I currently have a lot of personal infrastructure that is in need of some tender loving care and transactionalisation

https://rootco.de is running on a Leap 42.3 Hetzner box. I'd like to replace this with something transactional (either Kubic, Leap 15 or Tumbleweed transactional server)

I conducted experiments with various cloud/VPS providers over a weekend recently

  • https://twitter.com/sysrich/status/1010926954432823298
  • https://twitter.com/sysrich/status/1010521143537750016
  • https://twitter.com/sysrich/status/1010504846389235714

This found Linode, Vultr, and Packet.net all perfectly suited for hosting transactional openSUSE, so I'm likely to move my blog, salt master, and other public facing services there.

My home "server" is currently a Leap 42.3 LXC container running on my Turris Omnia router https://omnia.turris.cz/en/

However as the routers kernel is so old, it is not viable to upgrade the container to Leap 15.0

Therefore I'm now the proud owner of a fanless i5 Zotac mini-PC which will dramatically upgrade my home server options


Setting this up with Kubic, Leap 15 or Tumbleweed, transactional of course, with services like my ssh jump host, backup, NextCloud, mail, etc should keep me busy for the rest of hackweek

Looking for mad skills in:


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