During hackweek I'll try to get sound working via bluetooth on my Thinkpad T470, which is still running openSUSE Leap 42.3.

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  • sndirsch
    4 months ago by sndirsch | Reply

    Seems I managed to get this working. Tried this on xfce. I've installed any pulseaudio package I could find (including the one with bluetooth and the xfce-panel-plugin one). Then I added the pulseaudio plugin to the xfce panel. With that plugin I could switch the sound devices after installing pavucontrol package. Then I installed blueman package. With blueman-manager I could search for Bluetooth devices and do the pairing with my BT speaker. After the pairing I could see the BT speaker as additional sound device in the xfce pulseaudio plugin and select it. Great!

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