The purpose of this project is to implement an Android application which shows some images (or dice) which you must use to create a short story.

The requirements and desired features for the app are:

  • Available for Android 5 and +
  • Following Material design style
  • Cool design and UX to display and change the images
  • Custom dice: Allow you to play with your own images or taking new images from your camera
  • Topics: Allow you to select between a wide range of topic with different images and also classify your own images.
  • Multiplayer: Allow you to play with other players online
  • Profile: Having a profile
  • Save it: Allow you to introduce your story easily and save it
  • Share it: Allow you to share your stories
  • Having the possibility to decide how many dice do you want (3,4,6 or 9)
  • Available in the most popular App stores

This is going a be a great application that you will want to use for many purposes:

  • Improving your creativity skills
  • Becoming a better narrator or writer
  • Brainstorming
  • Having fun with your friends and family
  • Getting to know better new people
  • To make activities with kids
  • Do not get bored when travelling, waiting for someone, in the elevator, etc.
  • Using it in your retrospective (SCRUM)

In future Hack Weeks we could consider implementing a web application to be used together with the Android application.

Looking for mad skills in:

android fun java game

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15


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    • joadavis
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      Hah, I already wrote this once. :) I used Python and Kivy running on QPython on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately, QPython updated and broke my code.

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