We all pant for customer data. Which hardware do customers run ? Which packages are installed ? Which services are running ? etc. pp.

A lot of this data is in the supportconfig. But this is neither collected, nor centralized, not easily accessible.

elasticsearch, packaged here, seems to be useful for indexing/searching through supportconfigs.

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  • kwk
    over 3 years ago by kwk | Reply

    git repos Generic supportconfig parser: https://github.com/kkaempf/supportconfig Connector to elasticsearch: https://github.com/SUSE/elasticsupport Supportconfig downloader: https://github.com/kkaempf/bicho/tree/supportconfig

  • kwk
    over 3 years ago by kwk | Reply

    Installation howto

    • supportconfig

    git clone git@github.com:kkaempf/supportconfig.git

    cd supportconfig

    rake build

    gem install pkg/supportconfig-0.0.1.gem

    • elasticsupport

    git clone git@github.com:SUSE/elasticsupport.git

    cd elasticsupport

    rake build

    gem install pkg/elasticsupport-0.0.1.gem

    • elasticsearch

    Install elasticsearch, e.g. from here

    • kibana

    Install kibana from here: 64bit Linux package

  • kwk
    over 3 years ago by kwk | Reply

    Supportconfig download from Bugzilla with bicho:

    • your ~/.oscrc contains the right credentials

    bicho -b bsc show --attachments --supportconfig "Manager 3"

    Assumption: You have a saved query named Manager 3. Bicho will check all matching bugs for attachments and download those which have 'supportconfig' in their summary and a content type of application/x-bzip-compressed-tar or application/x-gzip. You can also pass one or more bug numbers.

  • kwk
    over 3 years ago by kwk | Reply

    Use the elasticsupport gem mentioned above to import the data to elasticsearch.

    elasticsupport needs a single parameter, which could be

    • a supportconfig (compressed) tarball

    • a directory with (compressed) tarballs

    • a directory containing a single, unpacked supportconfig

    • a directory with many unpacked supportconfigs

  • denisok
    about 2 years ago by denisok | Reply

    I plan to work on this feature: build cluster picture from supportconfig (logs) data with ELK.

    It is crucial for cluster environment (Ceph) to understand cluster configuration.

  • denisok
    about 2 years ago by denisok | Reply


  • denisok

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