The goal of openQA is "test as a QA engineer". But openQA has no ears - all we can test for are DTMF sounds. And even those are very bad.

So my hackweek project is to do research on how to do proper sound verification. The keys are proper normalization of the volume and the sample rate.

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Hack Week 13



  • tiwai
    over 3 years ago by tiwai | Reply

    There is a new program, BAT, included in alsa-utils and now built as a sub-package on FACTORY. It's designed for the sound verification on the real hardware with the analog loopback, but it might work with QEMU, too.

  • coolo
    over 3 years ago by coolo | Reply

    bat is useful to test within the SUT. But for openQA we also test e.g. firefox and amarok and there bat fails to help me. shows the typical sound we're playing. shows the FFT images of both the original and a recorded sound

  • coolo
    over 3 years ago by coolo | Reply

  • coolo
    over 3 years ago by coolo | Reply shows 94% but it looks like a rounding error

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