House Daily Mutations Announcement System

a project by jaimegomes

The Goal is...

to connect all the sources of information from our houses to the lighting system ...

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Dangerous voyage in openSUSE Infrastructure sea.

a project by mcaj

Well the see of openSUSE Infrastructure has been unrest and need our attention. I would like to invite you for this cruise trip. From t...

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Software development with the help of Kubernetes

a project by DKarakasilis

or how to replace git push heroku master and cf push with Kubernetes

PaaS has made deployment of applications very easy. Kuberne...

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Worst 3D Printer version 2

a project by joadavis

A few years ago I wrote the "worst 3D Printer". Basically, it takes a 3D model (VRML) and slices it to bitmaps, which can be arranged on...

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Investigate and improve Brewtarget

a project by jfehlig

Brewtarget is an open source brewing software, similar to the commercial product BeerSmith. For hackweek I'd like to investigate the capa...

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Take a closer look at ResourceSpace 9.0

a project by suntorytimed

What is ResourceSpace

Citing the webpage:

_ResourceSpace is the web-based Digital Asset Mana...

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Investigate Oops in SLES 15 on Raspberry Pi

a project by jiriwiesner

I use my Raspberry Pi 3B as a router. I have seen this crash:

  • [34502.095007] Internal error: Oops: 96000004 [#1] SMP
  • [34502.09991...
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Finish packaging Angr in OBS

a project by a_faerber

Following a FOSDEM presentation on Angr for binary analysis, I started packaging it in OBS.

We've made progress on ...

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ethtool ops for netdevsim

a project by mkubecek

This can be seen as a subproject of [ethtool netlink interface](

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find free online Perl course and go through it

a project by hurhaj

...because openQA isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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