Ricochet: Anonymous P2P instant messaging (janitorial work / maintenance)

a project by wfrisch

> Ricochet is decentralized chat program based on Tor - The Onion Router

> * You can chat w...

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Extract lead and cycle times from Github

an invention by jochenbreuer

When all of the SUSE Manager squads switched from SCRUM to a Kanban we lost estimations and therefore also the ability to do predictions....

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Learn Golang

a project by krauselukas

Since quite a while I'm interested in learning the programming language golang. I want to use the time to get a basic understanding and m...

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CUPS: Generic "monitor" wrapper backend to monitor the actual backend

a project by jsmeix

Create a new generic CUPS wrapper backend /usr/lib/cups/backend/monitor that runs in parallel with the actual backend to monitor it.


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From bare metal to virtualized Kubernetes cluster with just Salt and Redfish

a project by joachimwerner

My goal is build on Alberto's work on "yomi" and the new Salt-based virtualization management feature...

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Phylogen: an iterative approach to evolutionary tree analysis

a project by dmulder


As part of a graduate project I created the phylogen script, which combines the ASTRAL and IQTREE ...

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[Windows Subsystem for Linux] Build newest WSL-DistroLauncher in OBS

a project by lkocman

This is a task to update current WSL-Launcher (which can be already buildt in OBS) with latest-greatest upstream code https://github.com...

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SUSana: debrand Grafana

an invention by pagarcia

Following trademark and licensing issues with Grafana, explore the possibility of debranding Grafana and use that in SUSE Manager (and ma...

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Learn Go language

a project by mlin7442

Learn Go language by through The Go Programming Language book.

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terracumber: python replacement for sumaform-test-runner

a project by juliogonzalezgil

At SUSE Manager and Uyuni we use right now a set of bash scripts called sumaform-test-runner to run terraform and cucumber, send notifica...

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