Properly package Quick Event orienteering management software

a project by LPechacek

It ain't rocket science, it ain't thrilling, it's just useful.

Quick Event is an es...

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a project by persmule

A filter to scramble writing actions to a stream randomly into multiple sequential actions, aiming to provide some protection against dee...

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Memo reminder (may not just a reminder)

a project by yuanren10

INSTRUCTION: A remote reminder connected this server with WIFI module(Maybe not just a reminder :smile: ).

URL: [memopaperserver](...

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Learn how to Python3.

a project by lpalovsky

The idea is simple - I want to learn Python :) My previous knowledge about Python is small. Only few tutorials and some initial readings...

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Summarize the tool chain I used to integrate office 365 mailbox.

a project by yfjiang

Since my mailbox has migrated to office365 mailbox a couple of weeks ago, I tried to optimize my tool chain to sync my mail and calendar ...

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Investigate Mycroft and the possibility of GNOME integration.

a project by yfjiang

Mycroft is the name of a suite of software and hardware tools that use natural language processing and machine lea...

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A Tool for memorizing words and vocabulary

a project by wnereiz

It is a simple tool for memorizing words and vocabulary, for language learning purpose.

  • The first step is to design the database. *...
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Contribute to KDE/Plasma

a project by apappas

As a daily user of the Plasma desktop this Hackweek is a perfect opportunity to make my first contribution(s) to it! Feel free to join m...

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geekos going production

an invention by digitaltomm

We are running the geekos app at since some time now in the SCC CaaSP cluster. The g...

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Remote access to Viessmann Trimatik MC

a project by tsbogend

Trimatik MC is an older heating control from Viessmann. It has no supported digital interface for remote access, but I found at least two...

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