openSUSE image for Samsung DEX

a project by adrianSuSE

I want to get an openSUSE based image working on Samsung DEX:

No idea about the scope of this task, it...

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Web Clawer Of SMZDM

a project by XGWang0

1.Fetch useful/popular item from SMZDM 2.Build web server 3.Launch into Docker

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geekos going production

an invention by digitaltomm

We are running the geekos app at since some time now in the SCC CaaSP cluster. The g...

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Remote access to Viessmann Trimatik MC

a project by tsbogend

Trimatik MC is an older heating control from Viessmann. It has no supported digital interface for remote access, but I found at least two...

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Get openSUSE Tumbleweed for s390x (IBM mainframe) on

an invention by SLindoMansilla


On aarch64, ppc64le and x86_64, there is a common os-autoinst backend called qemu, in which qemu is launched fr...

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Convert the Docker Compose setup of OBS to Kubernetes Resources

a project by dmarcoux

Throughout this project, I will learn about Kubernetes and command-line tools like podman, minikube and more!

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Ansible install/management scripts for Pi based Fluxgate compass with Django GUI

a project by cdevita

The current kplex_monitor repo needs to be reorganized so that it can be installed from scratch on another PI using ansible

Plan: ...

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help clojure upstream with clj-common with some PR and contributions

a project by dmaiocchi


There is around in the clojure community ( a GitHub opensource organization which aims to maint...

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Sync knowledge from other's test code

a project by yosun


  • When we have clear idea to do something we could do month work in a week.
  • Focus on my own testsuite limit my idea du...
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Package openspace-desktop for openSUSE

a project by suntorytimed

What is Openspace? Starting on Kickstarter and Indiegogo as Openbook Open Source Social Networking Service got recently renamed to O...

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