Non-Android Linux can already be booted on several devices that are based on CPUs from Allwinner, such as the A10 and A13, but support for the newer A23 is still incomplete.

I want to use this Hackweek to work with the folks of the sunxi and Lima projects (, to get Linux up and running on an A23 based tablet.

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Hack Week 11


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    • osynge
      over 5 years ago by osynge | Reply

      Have you thought of looking at the RK3188 and RK3288 chipsets.

      These are considerably faster, can address more RAM (up to 2Gb) and don’t cost much more.

      • rmax
        over 5 years ago by rmax | Reply

        Not yet, but a quick search at AliExpress shows that they start around $60 for a RK3188 and $85 for a RK3288 (512MB), whereas Q88 tablets with A13 or A23 are available below $40.

        One of my goals with Linux on the A23 is to turn these cheap tablets into dedicated controllers for stuff like DMX lighting, home automation and brewing(!) automation. For that, price matters more than performance as long as the performance is good enough for the purpose, which should be the case for the Allwinner CPUs.

    • changpm
      almost 5 years ago by changpm | Reply

      I have gotten as far as completing a full LiveSuit .img file; however neither LiveSuit or PhoenixSuit will accept the file for loading.

    • dyjhor93
      over 3 years ago by dyjhor93 | Reply

      Abandonaron esto?

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