Initial idea to build a tool to help rubygems community to rotate maintainers for abandoned projects. Many new developers would like to maintain a project to learn new stuff and many good projects are abandoned by initial authors. So we need just to connect them.

Application build with rails should be able to grab data from github, bitbucket, rubyforge and rubygems and extract knowledge:

  • Some project had last release long ago (e.g. 6 month)
  • This project have a corresponding source with some active forks

After such extraction notification should be send as issue to all forks for original author and forks authors to connect and discuss possibility of merging upstream code to main repo, pick new or add new maintainer and make new release.

Looking for mad skills in:

rails rpsec openid ruby

This project is part of:

Hack Week 10


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    • cschum
      over 6 years ago by cschum | Reply

      This could also be a nice way to create something like an activity index for projects (maybe as a side effect of this project). This is such an important criterion when selecting which projects to use, that it could be a great help. Maybe as something similar as the badges from CI and other systems, which now often appear on GitHub.

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