In previous Hackweeks, we've gone to warp speed in our virtualization CI testing through:

  • Porting libvirt-tck to SUSE environments
  • Improving individual libvirt-tck tests to fully support current qemu environments
  • Adding support for Xen environments
  • Creating a Jenkins project to automate libvirt-tck when repo changes are detected
  • Creating a wrapper to install guests in parallel when using QA virt-auto tools
  • Creating a Jenkins project to automate testing with QA virt-auto tools

We need to continue these efforts to resolve a few remaining issues in libvirt-tck and our local Jenkins server. Specifically, the following issues still need to be resolved:

  • The following tests are disabled or skipped due to unknown failures:

    • domain/130-cpu-hotplug.t
    • nwfilter/060-concurrency.t
    • All test results should be evaluated under both qemu and Xen
  • The following improvements would be very useful in Jenkins:

    • Move Jenkins server to a more capable (>2 CPUs) machine
    • Increase stability of all projects
    • Move to improved parallel installation process with latest QA virt-auto tools
    • Evaluate all slaves and labeling
    • Switch to full test suite project
  • The following tests should be evaluated further and added to new Jenkins projects

    • virt-test
    • osstest
    • avocado
    • openQA (waiting for bare metal Hackweek project to complete?)
    • ...


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