While osc is growing and getting more and more complex and hard to maintain, there is an object oriented rewrite of osc which key points are:

  • separate library and cli code
  • better user interface
  • easier implementation of new commands
  • tests, tests, tests (test driven development)
  • pep8 conform

The rewrite was started by Marcus Hüwe and since 2015 it's very silent around this tool.

At the end of the hackweek I want to have:

  • evaluated the as-is state
  • evaluated what is missing
  • of course new features
  • devel project in openSUSE:Tools

The source code is on github and can be found here

Description from the github project:

osc2 is an object-oriented rewrite of the Open Build Service command line tool osc.

Its aim is to improve the code structure and to provide a consistent commandline interface.

A few more information on this project can be found on the blog of Marcus Hüwe

Looking for mad skills in:

python openbuildservice

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15


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