Currently externaltools is deployed manually with RPM. This is a manual process and involves packaging gem dependencies.

We do have a caasp cluster running internally which already hosts and

It would simplify development on externaltools a lot if we could switch it to be automatically deployed in CaaSP.


Example gitlab CI pipeline with caasp deployment (.gitlab-ci.yml, geekos-frontend.yml)

Looking for mad skills in:

rails caasp kubernetes gitlab

This project is part of:

Hack Week 17


  • okurz
    over 1 year ago by okurz | Reply

    Hm, sounds interesting. I wonder in general, how does this simplify deployment? Isn't an automatic update of RPM very easy or what is the current approach used?

    • cschum
      over 1 year ago by cschum | Reply

      RPMs are not a natural way to package Rails applications. Containers work better there. And with Kubernetes you also get the necessary configuration of the infrastructure around the application.

      Even simpler would be to use a PaaS system. But as an exercise to learn how to do it with Kubernetes this is an interesting project.

  • kiall
    over 1 year ago by kiall | Reply

    Re the .gitlab-ci.yml you gave - you could also use the new GitLab Kubernetes integration with CaaSP. This can do some cool stuff, like review apps (Deploy a full instance of the stack for each PR, destroying it again when closed or merged)... Check the products "Operations -> Kubernetes" section at the side to add connection details for your cluster.

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