What is Taiga?

On the first view Taiga (taiga.io) is a open source Trello replacement. On the second it is way more than that. Taiga does offer a lot more integration into Scrum and Kanban Workflow than Trello could ever do (even if you would pay for all those neat power-ups). Taiga is offered as hosted and self-hosted (as it is completely open source) and does offer all features in payed and free accounts on the hosted solution. Unlike tools like Gitlab where there are premium features that are held back for the enterprise offering this tool is developed in the open (https://github.com/taigaio).

Taiga does offer proper Backlogs and Sprints that are connected with each other. In Trello you loose the connection between your Backlog and Sprintboard at some point and tracking does get harder.

On top of that Taiga offers importers for Trello, Github Issues, Jira and Asana. These would be very helpful for teams to migrate away from current tools and organize everything in one place that was developed with Scrum and Kanban in mind.

Why do we need a FATE Sync?

Automatic downsyncing of FATE features into Taiga would ease the job of POs, TPMs and SMs. You won't have to enter FATE features in your teams Scrum Board anymore as you would do now in Trello. To make it easier, it would be a good idea to support downsyncing first as this doesn't harm the FATE database.

How could it work?

A user creates a custom search query on FATE which results in a list of features that are relevant for the Backlog of the Scrum Team. This list will be checked against the current backlog and updated in Taiga (minimum including the title, FATE number, features description including customer and business case). It should also check against current sprints to make sure that it is not added as a duplicate to the backlog.

Taiga does offer some APIs to achieve that. On FATE side I am not sure, but as there is a desktop client for it I assume there also is an API for it.

Looking for mad skills in:

python django angular angularjs angular.js fate taiga

This project is part of:

Hack Week 17


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