The idea behind the project comes from recent work on integration of OpenDayLight with Suse OpenStack Cloud 6/7. The goal for this Hackweek project is to realize a demonstrable NFV use-case on Suse OpenStack Cloud with as much reduced manual orchestration as possible. The use-case to consider is to run a Service Function Chain(SFC) with basic Network functions like Firewall/QoS that run as services on JeOS Guests on SUSE OpenStack Cloud (SOC). There are multiple activities that needs to be carried out to achieve the set goal.

  1. Create suitable SLES JeOS images with pre-installed/pre-configured services that can be ready to launch from SOC UI
  2. Integrate NFV Orchestration Solution (Tacker) and explore support to generate a VNF forwarding graph and generate a TOSCA template for the same. (TOSCA) is an upcoming standard to define NFV Orchestration templates.
  3. Integrate and test OpenStack Heat-Translator to read the Templates from Tacker and direct Heat to orchestrate the template.
  4. Generate and demonstrate the sample traffic through the SFC thus created along with Flow analysis features from OpenDayLight.

Wish List:

  1. With sufficient infrastructure, demonstrate a more complex NFV use-case like vIMS/vPE/vSBC.
  2. Integrate SUSE as a test-platform for performance benchmarks in the open community infrastructure provided by OPNFV. (This would give a good visibility of SUSE in the OPNFV community and also help test further feature integration).
  3. Use some DPDK magic.

More details to be recorded on etherpad :

Github location for NFV barclamps:

Repo for updated packages:

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Hack Week 14


  • mmnelemane
    over 3 years ago by mmnelemane | Reply

    Initial draft for NFV related cookbooks are here:

  • mmnelemane
    over 3 years ago by mmnelemane | Reply

    Some of the packages used are uploaded at

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