A collection of autotests for Crowbar

At SUSE, we're using Crowbar in such products as Cloud and Storage, so it will be really helpful for us to have a collection of tests for the web interface and run them after each update to make sure that everything works as expected.

There's a short video about gordon in action here

This project is written in Python3 and uses Splinter library

You can check out source code on the github page


Results by this hackweeck:

  • POC was created;
  • Gordon can simulate typical user behavior (drag & drop, form filling etc...) on Crowbar page;
  • ~ 60 tests were written.
  • Here is my short presentation from Prague lightning talks session.

Still need to be done:

  • cover whole Crowbar page with tests;
  • fetch more hackers to this project;
  • cleanup and refactoring (the project is still in alpha phase)

New ideas:

  • we can use Gordon POC as the base for another web page testing (for example Portus)

Blog posts:

p.s. the name of the project was inspired by Gordon Freeman, because who better knows how to use crowbar :) ?

Looking for mad skills in:

python python3 cloud storage splinter testing tests automation crowbar autotests

This project is part of:

Hack Week 14


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    • tboerger
      over 3 years ago by tboerger | Reply

      Just a simple question... Why the hell python for testing a ruby based project? Beside that there is already https://github.com/SUSE-Cloud/cct

    • evshmarnev
      over 3 years ago by evshmarnev | Reply

      Hi :) I don't think that it's important to choose ruby if you want to interact with web-interface and check results. Regarding cct: Vladimir is more comfortable with ruby, and I'm - with python. We will see what I can do during this hackweek and if it will be valuable for whole QAM team which I am a part of.
      Hope I answered your question.

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