Time for technical housekeeping in the shared Gran Canaria office.

For the last couple of weeks, the Cubieboard powering our "SUSE office in a box" has been unresponsive. I want to check why. Fix it, update the system, etc.

Moreover, we decided a long time ago to paint a blackboard in the wall of the office. We have had all the material in the office for months but we have not found the time to just paint it... until today.

And so on, so on, so on. A lot of small "technical" details around the office.


  • The cubieboard (SUSE-office-in-a-box) in online again and available in its usual location
  • We "upgraded" some furnitures, rearranged some stuff, threw away other...
  • We got a new blackboard! See image below

Blackboard how-to

Still pending

  • Resurrect the webcam. It's just a matter of buying and installing a new ethernet cable, but...


  • ancorgs
    about 2 years ago by ancorgs | Reply

    The cubieboard is back online http://canaria1.openvpn.suse.de/

  • jordimassaguerpla
    about 2 years ago by jordimassaguerpla | Reply

    I love how you care about your remote office :)

  • joseivanlopez
    about 2 years ago by joseivanlopez | Reply

    "It's just a matter of buying and installing a new ethernet cable, but...", humm, our average time to buy a switch was ... 3 months? :-P

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