There is a long-standing problem that mirrorbrain on does not do reasonable redirection when a user comes by with an ipv6 address...

In my case for example, mirrorbrain claim I'm coming from an unknown country. It's a small country, ok, but by far not unknown (Switzerland)

So far we know that the geoip database we know is capable of assigning my IP appropriately.

the goal of this project is to find the missing bits to the puzzle to make mirror brain understand this setup.

This would solve a long-standing issue, that is being reported over and over (and as time progresses, more frequently, as IPv6 becomes more widespread)

A sample bug report would be or also


  • dimstar_suse
    over 3 years ago by dimstar_suse | Reply

    Turns out : the biggest part of it could be solved even before hackweek - simply because I started studying about the requirements to have a test-system available during hackweek - since then, can identify the user's location and redirect the user appropriately (see

    The hackweek itself I used to further improve on mirrorbrain with regards to ipv6 handling. There have been quite some assumptions that a client, and also server, would basically have v4 available. For servers, there was an option to be v6 only.

    I collected my notes during hackweek in

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