Discover Free Software projects that expose you to real-world tech problems so you can gain experience for the job market.


Coding bootcamps and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a huge success, more an more (often marginalized) people venture into tech careers this way. The problem LibertyDraft tries to solve is to close the gap that is developing between graduating and landing the dream job: experience.

For various reasons (because they are mostly teaching fundamentals of the languages/frameworks they use in their program, because they cater to all kinds of people with various skill-levels, because they have to mind their teacher/student ratio, etc.) Camps/MOOCs often confine their participants to start applications from scratch. Often they work on clones of popular apps (build the new twitter!), let people find intrinsic reasons to build an app (organize food drives in my local city) or incorporate the newest tech for the sake of learning that tech (SPAs for everything!).

Starting from scratch is an awesome opportunity to learn the fundamentals of architecting an application, yet it's almost never what you are doing on the job. Even in the startup world you are rarely employee #1. The real world is a different one: you work on other peoples code, users hammering on your app in unforeseen ways (bugs), constantly keeping up with dependencies and their problems (security), suffering through the consequences of the projects shortcomings (technical dept), dealing with unforeseen growth (performance) and if you're lucky an endless stream of very important but not so clearly defined demands from you (features). Graduates often struggle to compete in job interviews because of their lack of experience with this churn, even at the junior/entry level.

On the other hand our community is always on the lookout of attracting Free Software contributors and can provide the right environment to gain experience. But where do I go and learn about the opportunities to gain experience with Free Software? Let's make a match on LibertyDraft!


  • People can discover opportunities based on the language/framework/topic they want to gain real world experience in
  • People can suggest Free Software projects to list
  • Admins can evaluate and extend project submissions
  • The app adds more metadata and keeps that data up to date by crawling projects SCMs, trackers etc.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

mentoring web html css design

This project is part of:

Hack Week 18


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  • Comments

    • hennevogel
      about 2 years ago by hennevogel | Reply

      Stuff to check out for categories:


    • thutterer
      almost 2 years ago by thutterer | Reply

      Have a look at CodeTriage :)

    • hennevogel
      almost 2 years ago by hennevogel | Reply

      CodeTriage has a hugely different focus: triaging/fixing issues by repo/language. I'm more looking to build something that focuses on matching skills that bootcamps produce & lack to produce.

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