Play with raspberry pi to get high availability through load balancing and containers.


  1. Learn to implement load balancing
  2. Learn to set up CaaS (Kubic / CaaSP)


  • Linux containers are awesome


  • dannysauer
    about 1 year ago by dannysauer | Reply

    FWIW, the memory requirements of the released CaaS (v3) exceed what's available on any Raspberry Pi model, and kubernetes doesn't work with memory swapping enabled (nor is zram enough). :/ There is a non-public v4 beta which should fix that, though it's not currently compiled for arm. If you're using rpi hardware, running vanilla kubernetes might work out better. :)

    • dannysauer
      about 1 year ago by dannysauer | Reply

      /me notes that raspberry pi 4 was not yet announced at the time of that comment :D

    • SLindoMansilla
      about 1 year ago by SLindoMansilla | Reply

      Thanks! I actually didn't have time to start this project. But, I will take your hints in consideration when I try to do it in my free time.

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