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Kubic with its MicroOS core is an exciting distribution that takes much of the cool stuff we're doing in Tumbleweed, adds solutions to the problems of updating a running system, and is becoming the perfect base system for running containers.

But in openSUSE, running server stuff is only half the fun.

Why should servers be the only platform enjoying automatic, atomic, "auto-rollbackable" system updates?

Surely desktop users want to be lazy like server admins also?

Can the tools and approaches implemented in MicroOS help create the desktop distribution of the future?

Let's find out!

This Project will try to build, test, and introduce to the world the 'openSUSE MicroOS Desktop', a desktop focused variant of MicroOS based on Tumbleweed.

Looking for mad skills in:

opensuse tumbleweed gnome flatpak kiwi obs distribution

This project is part of:

Hack Week 18


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