This is an idea that's been kicking around for a while... maybe it's finally time to "make it so."


Develop kiwi configurations in OBS for a single-server OpenQA appliance. Apply nested virtualization options in virtual format to allow easy use existing private cloud frameworks (OpenStack, VMWare, Hyper-V).

Bigger picture:

Develop cloud-focused backends ( ) allowing native use of cloud frameworks instead of a monolithic instance with nested virtualization. Provide an image ready to "fire up and use" in at least one Public Cloud provider (AWS/Azure/GCE).

Looking for mad skills in:

images openqa publiccloud perl

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15


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    • okurz
      almost 3 years ago by okurz | Reply

      how is that related to ?

      • bear454
        almost 3 years ago by bear454 | Reply

        In a local instance or private cloud, it would be an alternative to using docker for the components.

        Some of the work is around building and pre-configuring an image, creating more of a "fire up and use" experience.

    • lnussel
      almost 3 years ago by lnussel | Reply

      Ideally based on SLE JeOS images so we can use it for both Leap and SLE

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