• Organize a general developer mentoring program
  • Collect mentoring projects and present them to students/sponsors
  • Provide mentoring for mentors
    • Materials, hints, tips & tricks.
    • A place to discuss and get help from other mentors
  • Handle external programs like GSoC, RGSoC, Outreachy or Coderdojo inside this program
  • Present an overview of openSUSE's/SUSE's Free Software development projects


  • Find a name (mentoring.o.o?)
  • Create a github project and define a workflow how to collect projects
  • Collect material for mentors
  • Collect SUSE/openSUSE FOSS projects
  • Code up a website
  • Kick off meeting with people interested in the first iteration: GSOC


  • Present this program at the Nürnberg FH
  • Use this to provide follow up projects for students after they have completed an external program
  • Projects: Machinery, Yast, Portus, OSEM, openQA, OBS, Snapper

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Hack Week 13


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