Fresh air and motion helps your brain to come up with new and creative ideas.

This hackweek project offers exactly this*. You can expect running exercises along the Nuremberg city wall. Running 25 to 50 meters sidewards, jumping, running stairs, etc. will give your brain new energy.

Prerequisites: Just a pair of running shoes (virtually everyone from beginner to expert can join).

If you are interested, sign-up for this project and we will arrange time and day.

*) creative ideas are not guaranteed.

Looking for mad skills in:


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Hack Week 16


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    • szarate
      about 2 years ago by szarate | Reply

      Is there an etherpad or somewhere where this is going to be discussed? :P

      • tgoettlicher
        almost 2 years ago by tgoettlicher | Reply

        Unfortunately this hackweek many colleagues are scared off by the cold weather. I'll offer the same project at next hackweek again and hope for a critical mass of participants. Thanks for your interest.

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