What is it about?

I write lots of notes, about almost everything. Writing is a very important part of my work and of my organization in general. After trying several note taking tools and not being happy with any of them, I figured I had to start building my own.

Second Memory is a way to keep loose notes, journals and TODO lists inside Atom editor. All source text is written in plain markdown format, and you can structure your documents in whatever way you want.

Base features include:

  • a simple grammar that covers most markdown elements
  • an easy to customize markdown source syntax highlighting
  • TODO lists, with priorities
  • dynamic text snippets

I started developing this in CoffeeScript (Atom's default), but recently switched to ES6.

Hackweek plans

  • migrate remaining CoffeeScript code to ES6
  • index dates, mentions (@someone) and tags (#something)
  • develop a search panel in the sidebar with a simple query language
  • improve sidebar usability
  • share the idea, get feedback
  • create a public project in Github and start getting contributions


  • markdown table easy editing
  • add deadline support to TODO's and improve priority handling
  • some integration with Github (to be defined)
  • handle execution of markdown code blocks (similar to org-mode)

Looking for mad skills in:

es6 markdown atom electron

This project is part of:

Hack Week 17


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    • jcavalheiro
      over 1 year ago by jcavalheiro | Reply

      Project available on: https://github.com/cavalheiro/secondmemory

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