Matrix ( ) is a slack / rocket-chat clone, fully decentralized.

It supports a lot of clients and bridges to various networks, including IRC.

The goal of this hackweek would be to setup an internal instance of Matrix with a IRC bridge configured to

This could allow to bridge the gap currently seen between Rocket Chat users and IRC users.

With Matric, IRC rooms could become available as Matrix room and people could either use their favorite IRC client, a web browser or another client (Desktop, android, you name it).

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 17


  • fcrozat
    over 2 years ago by fcrozat | Reply

    Matrix server has been setup on Tumbleweed system and available from SUSE internal network.

    IRC bridge has been configured and is now happily running, allowing SUSE hackers to access SUSE internal IRC server from Matrix server (and vice-versa).

  • fcrozat
    over 2 years ago by fcrozat | Reply

    Remaining work to do: * setup a identify server internal to SUSE ( * configure this server to be also an authentication server, plugged on existing internal LDAP server * get SSL certificate for the server and move it to a stable VM, accessible from company network

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