Each of the core dump upload servers in Europe and USA could be improved if the shell scripts were combined so that the same tasks can be performed on each site, e.g. downloading of all packages needed for crash usage with a specified core dump by allowing for configurable (or even automated) selection of locations to obtain data packages from.

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  • puzel
    over 5 years ago by puzel | Reply

    Do I understand correctly that this idea involves improving crash-setup (tool from l3slave), so that it can be used on a core dump server in US?

    • ptesarik
      over 5 years ago by ptesarik | Reply

      From my communication with David, yes, the ultimate goal is that crash-setup can be used on a server in Provo, plus it also merges extra features of the script that is in use there today.

  • mlatimer
    over 5 years ago by mlatimer | Reply

    Currently, analyzekcore is used by NTS in Provo, and crash-setup is used by L3 in EMEA. The pros of each tool should be combined into one tool that works for both sites.

    • mlatimer
      over 5 years ago by mlatimer | Reply

      There is also an analyzeappcore script, that analyzes an application core archive (created by getappcore) that we might want to look at as well. (I don't think analyzeappcore is widely understood or used.)

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