• Evaluate the toolkit, Angular vs. React. The toolkit must support plugins at runtime.
  • Evaluate UI framework depending on used toolkit, e.g. Patternfly, PrimeNG, Clarity, MaterialNG, Bootstrap, ...
  • Start implementing new UI

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Hack Week 18



  • vtheile
    7 months ago by vtheile | Reply

    After starting with Angular the decision has been changed in favour of React, because this toolkit better supports plugins that are added at runtime. As UI framework Patternfly will be used because MaterialUI requires too much manual work to get a simply button with a dropdown menu or a navigation header and sidebar. RSuiteJS was the first decision before Patternfly because the component library looks also really great, but the number of contributors is really low and i don't want to settle on a dead horse again after the bad experience with ExtJS.

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