In the kernel repository, we have a script that checks users/* branches and does some basic checks on them. My plan is to teach this script to detect kabi changes.

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Hack Week 13


  • michal-m
    over 4 years ago by michal-m | Reply

    Progress so far: The change is mostly complete, I'm running the final tests to make sure that it works on all branches (including ancient SLES10 ones...). What is not yet done is a periodic cleanup of the reference files. Since the builds are all done with the SLE12 compiler, the kabi is slightly different than that of the official kernel packages, so we need to keep a parallel set of kabi files. But with 3TB of disk space, this can wait for the next hackweek in the worst case :D

  • michal-m
    over 4 years ago by michal-m | Reply

    The changes are deployed \o/.

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