The SUSE Manager team currently uses to create developer environments (a project known as suminator).

Doing the same with and the terraform libvirt provider we could:

  • orchestrate setups with multiple Virtual Machines (Vagrant does not support that)
  • provide an all-packaged solution (Vagrant is not packaged/very hard at the moment)
  • allow deployments to public clouds (eg. AWS) for scalability tests
  • allow deployments to the Engineering Cloud instance, to avoid using team-specific servers


  • SUMa servers and clients supported, all configurations previously supported by suminator
  • dependency between clients and servers handled correctly
  • OpenStack Cloud and libvirt backends equally supported. Tested on the HackWeek Engineering Cloud
  • one Terraform bug found (PR with a fix in the works)
  • 7 pull requests merged into the terraform libvirt provider

A daily diary is available here.

git repo of the sumaform project

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