Why a Dashboard?

In the YaST team we use quite a lot of external or internal services like GitHub, Travis, Jenkins, Open Build Service, Bugzilla, Trello,... It is too difficult and time consuming to track all those tools and get an overview what is OK, what failed and what actions should we take to resolve the problems.

Ideally there should be a tool which collects the status from all services and provides a summary page with all relevant information at one place.

Additionally it should not only report the found problems but also propose a solution so non-expert developers have a hint what needs to be fixed and how (if possible).

Generic Dashboard

The goal is to have the dashboard generic so the other teams could easily change the used services and their parameters (like which users to watch in bugzilla) and reuse the tool without much effort. This could also enable the cooperation with the other teams and increase the amount of possible developers for the project.

The Prototype

There already exists a prototype application, deployed here (this public instance does not contain any credentials, it can only see the publicly available services and their publicly available data, i.e. no internal bug reports).


  • Ruby on Rails application with Postgres DB and nginx web server (in the production mode)
  • Includes a Docker configuration for easy development/deployment
  • The UI is based on the Gentellela template
  • Includes a simple Jenkins log analyzer which proposes solutions for known error patterns (live page)
  • See more details in the README



  • Collect the requirements for this service
  • Collect the list of services which we should watch
  • For each service collect which attributes or values which are important to track
  • The UI Design
    • How to present the data at the summary page?
    • How to make it easily readable?
    • How to easily recognize the required actions?
  • Add more status analyzers to propose actions for the other services
  • Make the application easily configurable
  • Think how to pass and store the sensitive data (passwords, access tokens) securely


Looking for mad skills in:

rubyonrails webapps css javascript ruby docker

This project is part of:

Hack Week 16


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