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Go is a statically typed, compiled programming language designed at Google


a project by pgeorgiadis

alt text The most relaxed testing framework of Kubernetes in the world

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Ricochet: Anonymous P2P instant messaging (janitorial work / maintenance)

a project by wfrisch

> Ricochet is decentralized chat program based on Tor - The Onion Router > * You can chat without exposing your identity (or IP address) to anyone

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PQ metadata aggregator for Bluray 4k UHD discs

an idea by pgeorgiadis

Long story short, I would like to practice my golang skills. For that I am going to write a parser that finds ratings for the picture quality of the new 4k UHD discs.

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SUSana: debrand Grafana

an invention by pagarcia

Following trademark and licensing issues with Grafana, explore the possibility of debranding Grafana and use that in SUSE Manager (and maybe others) Products are available from GitLab:

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